Sorry for the lack of updates

Hi guys. Sorry for the lack of updates. I have shifted focus a bit away from the actual NHL2K19 mod and toward the 2K editing utility snowdrift invented for NHL2K10.

I am collaborating with snowdrift, having ported his tool to work with NHL2K11 and am researching the save data file in order to find ways to import all data to the file automatically. I believe I am approaching the roster edit limit and I am sure that getting the utility to work with most player attributes will be the most time efficient way to edit the roster in the end.

The status of my research is that I have found a lot of offsets that were not previously covered by the tool. I figured out that the wii save game uses a CRC-32 checksum. I have figured out how ages work. I have discovered a bug in the tool where team names are changed by changes to player names. Etc…

If you are interested in learning more or join in and help out on the research, visit this link.

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