NHL2K11 editing just got blasted almost wide open!

Today I managed to successfully change the face of William Nylander (used his father Michael):

This is really awesome since the game has a large amount of face models for older players that we now can replace with new textures so that we don’t need to re-use the “default” faces for many players. It is also possible to change the player face of any player to whatever you want. Who knows, perhaps we might even find hidden classic faces in the game?

I also changed the name and birthdate of Elias Pettersson (was Petersson – now he is really young in the game):

These are just proof of concepts but it was all done with my own branch of the snowdrift editor that has NHL2K11 and additional attribute (handed, type, birthdate, face, jersey number, height, weight) support. The editor now support export and import of all important attributes except secondary position, country, captaincy and beard.

If we can crack how to assign players to teams the editor will be just about complete, atleast it will be able to do the most important tasks that one would expect out of a roster editor.

With this handy tool the future looks bright for NHL2K editing and an NHL2K20 roster might be coming soon…

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