NHL2K20 work proceeding now with help of editor

There is an unreleased branch of the NHL2K editor now that has support for most attributes and now also calculates and updates the crc32 checksum automatically for the WII version.

I am looking for csv files with NHL information now that I can use to automate importing data into the game. From HUTDB.net it was pretty simple to copy-paste data from these pages: http://hutdb.net/20/players & http://hutdb.net/20/goalies
These pages dont seem to currently have all player cards though…

We could use http://hutdb.net/19/players & http://hutdb.net/19/goalies to get more players but those stats are messed up due to all boosted 99 cards etc and there are in total 87 pages to manually copy-paste (I don’t want to do that)…

But I need more info like birthdates, numbers, etc…

Any suggestions on good sites that might have an easy export function even perhaps?
Please post suggestions in this topic: https://forums.operationsports.com/forums/nhl-2k/957698-nhl2k-editing-technical-discussion.html

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