Full roster for the 19/20 season

Yay! I finally have a 2019/20 roster.

Through using the editor snowdrift and I developed in combination with a CSV data merge tool I made, I have been able to import rosters from hockey-reference and hutdb data.

I named players with this tool by their team names so that trading them to the correct team would be easier and then I spent a couple hours today ingame trading players to their correct team. After this I renamed the players back to their original names also using the tools. There are probably still a lot of bugs in the file but Ive tried simulating franchise successfully a couple of times.
I am so glad I thought about this renaming approach otherwise the back and forth trading would have taken ages.

I have also lowered stats of all the retired players which make season a little more realistic, but I will need to fine tune this still. Retired keepers are still rated high for instance.

I still have no Vegas team though. I put their players in the Thrashers minor team for now, but its no good solution as they get called up in season. Suggestions are welcome.

The release of this roster will probably be made as an NHL2K20 addon for the upcoming 2KHS release by DJNEO.

The editor and other tool I used to import edited data will probably be released soon too.

When releases are made they will be announced here on PlayNHL.TK so keep checking in now and then to get updates!

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