How to get NHL2K20-20200220 to work with 2KHS 0.8

  1. If you have the original 2KHS 0.8 in “c:\GAMES\2KHS” start by copying that folder.
  2. Rename the new folder to “c:\GAMES\NHL2K20”.
  3. Unzip the content of the 2K20 zip into c:\GAMES\NHL2K20 so that NHL2K20.bat ends up in “c:\GAMES\NHL2K20\NHL2K20.bat”.
    That should be the same folder that has Dolphin.exe. When you are being asked to overwrite files you say YES.
  4. Finally copy the content from “c:\GAMES\2KHS\User\StateSaves into “c:\GAMES\NHL2K20\User\StateSaves”. Once again overwrite.
  5. After starting the game you will need to manually load the 2K20 roster.

This way if you want to play the classic version you start from “c:\GAMES\2KHS\Dolphin.exe” and if you want to play modern day rosters you run “c:\GAMES\NHL2K20\NHL2K20.bat”.

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