Some NHL2K20 screen shots…

These screen shots are from the upcoming release of the next version of the 2KHS addon NHL2K20.

It will include:

  • Update based on 2KHS 0.8
  • Full trade deadline roster
  • Roster fully converted, includes changes also to AHL teams
  • Contracts are correct, even with RFA/UFA status
  • Most player attributes are based on advanced formulas for calculating attributes from statistics and depth charts for each team
  • Attributes are tweaked to achieve realistic simulation results in franchise mode
  • Goalkeepers and settings tweaked to make up for weak goalies in 2KHS 0.8
  • Rebased entire roster on fresh save game
  • Adjusted birth dates to achieve real ages for franchise mode
  • Adjusted rosters and salaries to work with cap limit in franchise mode
  • All Vegas players available on free transfer
Connor McDavid now has a profile image and updated age
The select screen now has a clean less WII:ish background
The opening faceoff. Barrie, Rielly have tucked jerseys…
McDavid shoots with tucked jersey, new updated ice and commercials on the boards
Boys have beards in San Jose

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