2KHS – 2K Hockey Simulator

2KHS or 2K Hockey Simulator is the reason why this site exists. 2KHS is a mod for NHL2K11 that fully converts the game to have HD graphics, classic rosters and very much improved realistic gameplay. The mod is the work of DJNEO, who disappointed in EAs efforts, decided to take matters into his own hands. Many hours, actually years of research and development has gone into what now is available for download as 2KHS.

Since the game runs in Dolphin (the WII emulator) it is very CPU hungry. In order to play the game without severe bugs you need a computer that can hold a stable 4GHz so the game can have a stable 60fps in game.

You will need the U.S. version of NHL2K11 as an iso to use with Dolphin and then you download 2KHS from the link provided below.

The current version is 0.8.8 and can be found on youtube.

More info can be found in the forum.

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