The official page for the NHL2K19 roster addon for 2KHS (NHL2K11).


= Introduction =
This NHL2K19 roster is for use with NHL2K11 for WII or on PC using Dolphin. The roster is compatible and best used with the excellent 2KHS (2K Hockey Simulator) mod by DJNEO by simply unzipping this folder to the root “Dolphin Emulator” folder of the mod.

Installation description and links for 2KHS by DJNEO here

= Donation =
Many hours of work and free time have gone into this roster so far. The roster update is free but I have set up a paypal donation for those of you that feel that you want to give something back. If DJNEO does something similar I would advise you to donate to him aswell as I would never have started this without his awesome work on the base game.

To donate, use paypal. Donate to paypal@fifartwc.cjb.net

= Description =
When installed over 2KHS this will update your “Start save state 1” (press F8 load key at startup) to start at the game select screen with rosters loaded.

  • The roster updates all NHL teams with new players and transfers.
  • Initially I have mostly edited fake players and left the retired ones.
  • I have tried to keep ages of new players as correct as possible in order to make franchise mode as correct as possible. All existing ingame players are at their original age.
  • https://hutdb.net was used to create/update attributes of players.
  • I limit each team to 20 players (initially) in order to save roster file updates until all teams are done
  • In order to simplify editing of the existing players I categorized them:
  • x marks a retired player
  • y marks a fake player to be replaced by a new player
  • z marks a young fake player to be replaced by a new player

= Installation =
2KHS addon installation:

  • Simply unzip over a copy of 2KHS, normally installed at C:\Users[YOURUSER]\Documents\Dolphin Emulator

WII/NHL2K11 installation:

  • Unzip the content of Wii\title\00010000\53483345\data to your own data folder.

= Status: 2019-09-01 =
Teams that are complete (has a roster of atleast 20 real current players):

Winnipeg (Atlanta)
Los Angeles
New Jersey
San Jose
St. Louis
Tampa Bay

Total: 30/31

  • All 30 teams (no Vegas yet) have 20 man current player squads
  • All 30 teams have realistic lines, powerplays and boxplays based on ice time
  • All top 50-players in NHL scoring are created
  • Most top 50-defensemen in NHL scoring are created
  • Ingame faces for McDavid, Pettersson, Boeser added
  • New high resolution ingame graphics (adboards etc)
  • New high resolution menu graphics (NHL/2K19 logos etc)
  • New menu faces for existing and replaced players

= Credits =
Roster file, textures, etc – Nike The Bike
GameSettings, Ishiiruka version, sliders etc – DJNEO
Updated current season graphics – devils17

= Disclaimer =
This is released as is.
The files are not guaranteed to be bug free in any way.
There are no guarantees whatsoever that these programs will not harm your computer in any way (even though they shouldn’t).
Always remember to backup your files.
These programs are used completely at your own risk and I don’t take any responsibility for anything (good or bad) that may happen by using them.

Reporting bugs, suggestions, comments or if you would like to donate make contact at http://PlayNHL.TK

Please contact me if you want to use and further develop this for any reason. Using it without talking to me first can have consequences. Also, if my files are used, this file MUST be left as is in the package.

Happy hockey gaming.

Now go play NHL Two K!

Best regards
Nike The Bike

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